Suite Overview
Technical Specifications
Asset Management Suite
Specific Energy’s Asset Management Suite gives operators the ability to perform complete, accurate, and repeatable pump station audits with the click of a button. Pre– and post-test checklists are customizable for each pump station to allow pump audits to be performed safely and routinely by utility operators. Operations and engineering can log in at any time to view real-time pump operating points plotted against tested and factory pump curves.
Specific Energy user interface for the pump condition assessment overview page
Perform regular pump station audits
Regularly perform automated pump tests and compare current pump head and efficiency curves to factory pump curves. Pump Health Index (PHI) and reduced pump station capacity are calculated along with the cost of operating worn and inefficient pumps.
Identify pumps that are candidates for repair or replacement
Each month, Specific Energy generates and delivers pump station reports and a system-wide asset management report that includes a list of all monitored pumps, ordered by Pump Health Index, so operators can identify pumps in need of repair.
Monitor pump operation in real time on field-tested pump curves
Specific Energy’s user interface plots pump operating points in real time, so operators can identify pumps that are routinely operating outside their current Preferred Operating Ranges.
Quantify potential benefit from the Optimization Suite
Specific Energy will analyze collected pump station data to compute potential energy savings available with the Optimization Suite.
Asset Management Dashboard -
Check Pump Health and Station Operation at a Glance
The asset management dashboard gives operators and managers a central location to manage their pump station assets. Each pump station overview tile in the dashboard provides key operating and station health information.
Description of Specific Energy's pump station overview user interface