Bank of water pumps with discharge header pipe
Frequently Asked Questions
Are Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) necessary to achieve significant energy savings?
No. Utilities can still realize significant energy reductions at their fixed-speed pump stations. By tracking pump health to keep pumps efficient and by intelligently staging pumps, Specific Energy helps utilities operate their fixed-speed pump stations at minimum possible Specific Energy Consumption.
What is the typical payback period for a Specific Energy installation?
While the energy cost savings at each site depend on the characteristics of the site, current installations average a payback period of about 2 years.
Is Specific Energy aiming to replace our existing SCADA system?
No. Specific Energy is designed to work in parallel to your existing SCADA system. Although Specific Energy boasts a state of the art user interface, we prefer to view our software suites as instruments specifically designed to track pump health, extend pump life, reduce leaks, and save energy at your pump stations.
Does Specific Energy require fully automatic control in order to save energy?
No. Specific Energy's Optimization Suite can operate in two modes: Dynamic Pump Optimization (DPO) Mode or Advisory Mode. In DPO Mode, the suite automatically operates pumps at optimal speeds and configurations. In Advisory Mode, the suite informs operators of optimal pump speeds and configurations through Specific Energy's user interface.
The Asset Management Suite is always read-only, and does not require control.

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Will Specific Energy damage our pumps in order to save energy?
No. In fact, by operating pumps to minimize energy consumption, Specific Energy's Optimization Suite will naturally operate pumps within their Preferred Operating Range. Within a pump's Preferred Operating Range, pump wear and damage is minimized while efficiency is maximized.
How does our water utility start optimizing our pump stations?
Specific Energy offers a complimentary consultation to answer your questions and learn more about your system. After a consultation, our team of experienced engineers will be happy to work with you to integrate Specific Energy's comprehensive pump asset management and optimization tools in each of your pump stations.

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