Suite Overview
Technical Specifications
Optimization Suite
Specific Energy’s Optimization Suite works in conjunction with the Asset Management Suite to calculate the combinations of pumps and speeds that will satisfy current flow demand while maximizing energy efficiency. The suite selects the most efficient combination of pumps and speeds that also operate each pump within its Preferred Operating Range.

As system conditions change throughout the day, the suite recomputes the solution to ensure the station continues to operate at minimum Specific Energy (kWh/MG).
Specific Energy pump energy optimization map
Operate at peak efficiency while satisfying system requirements
Minimize energy consumption as flow and pressure requirements change throughout the day. Continually operate at the lowest possible specific energy (kWh/MG) for the current system constraints.
Continually operate within each pump's Preferred Operating Range
Ensure that each pump operates within its current computed POR to maximize pump life and energy efficiency.
Reduce leaks with Digital Transient Control
Intelligently control pump transitions to limit pressure transient amplitudes.
Manage peak demand charges and variable energy rates with Demand/Response
Limit peak power consumption per electrical meter to control peak power demand charges. Automatically adjust tank level and pressure constraints throughout the day in response to variable time-of-day energy rates.
Select Your Operating Mode
Utilities can choose if they want to operate the Optimization Suite in Advisory Mode or Active DPO Mode.

In Advisory Mode, the pump station operators stay in control. The current operating point is plotted against the optimal operating points for all pump combinations.

In Active Dynamic Pump Optimizer (DPO) Mode, the Optimization Suite continually operates at the optimal pump combinations and speeds to maximize energy efficiency.
“We can easily track the health of our pumps and know when to send a pump to the shop. And we’ve seen huge reductions in water hammer during pump starts and stops.”
-David Fleming, Manager of Engineering, Aqua WSC