Tracking Pump Health
Specific Energy's software suites use automated test sequences to measure pump curves and compare them to factory curves to calculate current capacity and efficiency of your pumps. Specific Energy's monthly reports compute the Pump Health Index for each pump, so you can prioritize system-wide repair and maintenance on your pumps.
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Extending Pump Life
Specific Energy's software suites continually calculate the optimal combination of pumps and pump speeds to run your pumps within their preferred operating range (POR). Pumps operating within their POR operate at a higher efficiency with reduced wear, extending the life of your pumps.
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Reducing Leaks
Specific Energy’s software suites naturally lead to operating fewer pumps over longer runs, thereby reducing large-scale pressure fluctuations. Additionally, the Optimization Suite can employ digital transient control to virtually eliminate pressure transients (water hammer) during pump starts, stops, and speed changes.
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Saving Energy
Specific Energy pioneered the concept of operating water pump systems to minimize Specific Energy Consumption (SEC). Specific Energy's Optimization Suite continually recalculates the optimal pumps and speeds that deliver the required flow at minimal energy consumption. Customers typically see 10% to 25% reduction in energy consumption with Specific Energy's Optimization Suite.
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Download Specific Energy's Data Sheets
Specific Energy software suites specification data sheets