Lift Station Guardian

The Smart Lift Station Controller

Built on Specific Energy’s Analytics Engine, the Lift Station Guardian brings intelligent pump control and monitoring to the wastewater industry. Utilities can enhance reliability through optimal pump operation and predictive maintenance while maximizing energy efficiency.

Reliability Through Model-Based Machine Learning

From day one, the Lift Station Guardian learns through high-resolution data collection, continually refining its model of the station. The high-fidelity model optimizes station operation, maximizing equipment life and minimizing costs.

Operate at the proper speeds and combination of pumps to draw down the wet well while spending less on energy.

Easy to Understand. Easy to Commission.

Enjoy rapid commissioning and configuration from your smart phone. Simply answer a few questions about a station to fully commission the Lift Station Guardian.

Cloud based SCADA

View live data from a web browser on your desktop or mobile device. Historical data can instantly be viewed and displayed in a custom chart or easily exported for further analysis in another application. The LSG also ties into existing SCADA by making modbus registers readily available.

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On Demand Maintenance Reports

Generate maintenance reports on the fly and distribute them to maintenance crews to tackle outstanding issues. Maintenance reports include identified issues with sensors, floats, pumps, check valves, sediment buildup, I&I issues, and more.

Track Inflow & Infiltration

Automatically track inflow and infiltration by observing changes in inflow during rainfall events. Historical I&I can be used to predict how well a system stands up to worst case rainfall events.

Automate Force Main Scouring and Pump Snoring

Schedule Lift Station Guardian to automatically perform force main scouring and pump snoring so that you don't have to.

Float Testing

Periodically allow the wet well level to reach the various float positions and receive a notification if a float fails to signal an alarm.

Clear Pump Clogs

Identify and report pump clogs by observing changes in amperage and flow.

Track Pump Health

Track pump health over time to make maintenance decisions based on energy savings from repairing or replacing a pump. Using flow data, real-time pump curves are generated and compared to factory pump curves to determine any loss of efficiency or capacity.

Monthly Pump Report Cards

Get a snapshot view of pump health, operating summary, energy usage, and the net present value of repairs to make informed maintenance decisions backed by financial metrics.

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Fully Configurable Alarm System

Adopt the easily configurable and fully customizable alarm system so that you see alarms you want to see. Alarms can be tailored to fit the constraints of a system so that nuiscance alarms can be quickly filtered out.

Text Message Notifications

Alarms are sent via text message with a link that takes the user directly to the problematic site or can be viewed through the alarm interface on Specific Energy's cloud based analytics platform.

Compute Flow from Tank Shape

As a low cost, high-accuracy alternative to the added expense and maintenance of installing a traditional flowmeter, volumetric flow calculations give insight into the health of a lift station and the overall waste water system. The volumetric flowmeters are automatically recalibrated weekly.

The shape of the wet well is derived from level sensor data collected during fill cycles to calculate flow from the volumetric change over time. Wet wells tend to have irregular shapes due to stub-outs, inlet pipes, emergency suction lines, and sloped sumps. These irregularities, and more, are accounted for in Lift Station Guardian’s flow calculation.

Plan for Expansion

Generate planning reports that show station rated capacities, peak dry weather demands, peak wet weather demands, and under or oversized lift stations to determine if additions to the system are needed to accommodate expansion.

Back It Up with Data

Export an unlimited amount of data to perform custom analysis to meet your planning needs. The cloud based interface enables export of large amounts of data for given time frames and combinations of logged data.