Dynamic Pump Optimizer

Advanced Pump Station Control and Asset Management

Take the guess work out of pump station operation by installing the Dynamic Pump Optimizer (DPO).

The DPO is an edge device with an analytics platform designed to be installed at a pump station. The edge device communicates with an existing PLC to collect high resolution data. Operators can monitor their pump station through a web interface and make informed operating decisions or allow the DPO to automatically optimize station operation.

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Extend Pump Life and Track Pump Health

Proper pump operation can drastically increase the life span of pumps. The DPO will automatically run pumps within their Green Zones or advise operators to run the pumps at proper speeds. This means that pumps will run at their highest efficiency without causing cavitation or other damaging effects of running outside preferred operating ranges.

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Automatically perform accurate, repeatable pump tests with the click of a button and track pump condition over time.

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image/svg+xml1234Flow525 gpmSpecific Energy289 kWh/MGHealth Index70%Repair NPV$10,580

Schedule repairs with financial metrics

Receive a monthly pump station report with calculated Net Present Value and Return on Investment for pump repairs.

Managers can use these reports to schedule repairs and expedite the procurement process.

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image/svg+xmlFlowHeadEfficiencyPump DamageZonePump Damage ZonePreferred OperatingRange

Minimize Energy Consumption

Define pump station goals and allow the DPO to continually compute optimal combinations of pumps and speeds to meet demand and keep pumps within the Green Zone.

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Digital Transient Control

Give your pipes a comfortable ride with digital transient control. The DPO virtually eliminates pressure transients by gracefully transitioning pumps during stops, starts, and speed changes.

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Select Your Operating Mode

Automatic Mode
Your PLC uses recommendations from the DPO to operate the pump station.

Advisory Mode
Operators start pumps and choose speeds based on recommendations from the DPO.


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