Director Of Business Development

Ryan began his career over 17 years ago as a mechanical engineer with no understanding of what the water industry even was. Very quickly after he began working with water process engineers, Ryan discovered a new, lifelong passion for water sustainability. Prior to Specific Energy, he worked in the consulting engineering and energy services fields helping clients design and optimize their systems. He appreciates all things related to the sustainable production, conveyance, and management of water.

Ryan joined Specific Energy because he saw the frustrations that operators, managers, and engineers have when pumps and systems struggle to operate as originally planned. When he was introduced to DPO, Ryan immediately saw a solution to mitigate these concerns and an opportunity for organizations to more effectively steward their resources. As VP of Business Development, he focuses on assisting clients in finding solutions that optimize their water infrastructure.

Ryan loves spending time with his family and enjoys cycling and hiking in his spare time.

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